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Loony Gear Smart LED Lights

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Loony Gear Smart LED lights let you control the lights with control panel. Just install the LifeSmart App from play store or apple store on your phone and register yourself. After that synchronize your app with your WiFi and then long-press the sensor behind the lights. When the green lights go on, that’s your cue to begin controlling brightness, design, pattern, music mode, and the voice control function efficiently.

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Get Loony Gear Smart LED lights to dance with different colors on different rhythms and give your place the funky look you have been desiring with Loony Printz. These are hexagonal shaped Led ambient lights that change color and can be joined together to form infinite shapes.

You can keep these lights on your table or attach them up on the wall and watch them beautifully shift from one color to another creating enigmatic visual.

It allows you to select from so each time you can have a new design to flaunt. Now you no longer need those disco lights to party in when you can possess these creative ones.

*One-piece quantum light does not come with base and USB Connector.*


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